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Download the Most Current Version of the A.L.E.I.R. Software Program

The current version of the report writing program is If you are using an older version of the "Aleir.exe" file, download the below self-extracting WinZip file and run it to update your version of the A.L.E.I.R. Program. When you run the self-extracting WinZip file, select the "Unzip" to update the program. You will not loose any data entered into the database when you run the attached update file.

The above self-extracting WinZip file does not include the Windows Installer Program. If you already have the "ALEIR.exe" program file on your machine, you should check the version of the "C:\ALEIR\ALEIR.exe" file you are using. If you are using anything other than version, you need to download and run the above listed file to update your program.

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