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Automated Law Enforcement Incident Report (A.L.E.I.R.) System

We do not charge you anything to use our report writing and dispatch software. You can install the ALEIR program on as many computers and have as many users as you wish for no charge. We do charge if you want us to support your department's use of the program.  If we support your department's use of the ALEIR Program, we will setup the system on your network and customize the program for your department.  We have three options available to anyone wanting to use our report writing and dispatch software. If you have a unique situation that doesn't quite fit in one of the below listed options email us with your unique situation.

Option I

The first option is for anyone wanting to use our police incident report and dispatch software and they have no need for support. We already provided you with instructions on how to download and install the dispatch and report writing software on your computer. If you have any questions not addressed in the online FAQ, you can email us your question. We will try to respond to your questions in the order received when we get the chance. We will not customize the software for your department and we will not explain how to install the MySQL Server on your computer. The instructions on how to do this already exist on our website. The free program will only work on a single computer and you will not be able to have multiple workstations accessing the MySQL Server over a network. This is a stand-alone program and it will only work on one workstation.

Option II

The second option includes unlimited program support to you for the cost of $499.00 a year. This includes the cost of customizing the program for your agency. The report writing and dispatch program we customize for your department will allow you to have multiple computers accessing the same MySQL Server over a Local Area Network or a Wide Area Network (Internet). You can have as many users as you wish using the software for no additional charge and you can have the ALEIR Program installed on as many computers as you like.

We will add your department's name, address and phone numbers to each report printed. We will add your state's charge codes and your department's street names to the program. We will add, remove or change any data field to any of the modules you wish. We can access your computer via remote access and install the software for you or walk you through setting up the program on your network. We will support the software (program changes and updates) for the duration of the service period.

Option III

The third option we offer includes everything in Option II as well as us to host and maintain your data accessible to your department via the Internet. You will access your data via the Internet on our secure server using a virtual private network data connection. We offer this option to you for the cost of $599.00 a year.

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